Commercial Services In Anaheim, CA

Commercial Services In Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA and Surrounding Areas

Wise business and property owners are establishing control over their energy bills and rising utility costs by allowing Opulent Power to install solar energy systems. Lower your operating costs, become cash flow positive earlier, and make your business more efficient using the benefits of solar power. Our federal, state, and local governments are still providing tax incentives this year so don’t delay and let our experts help navigate this process for you! Contact us today for Commercial Services In Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Commercial solar

Opulent Power Solutions is standing by to fully customize your solar power project. At Opulent Power Solutions, our experience as successful business owners and operators is imparted into the knowledge and desire to fully customize each Solar Power project to seamlessly blend our solar Customer’s needs and property traits into a graceful and opulent power solution.


  • LOWER YOUR ENERGY BILL: Solar power can lower your commercial energy cost by up to 75%, freeing up more business capital for other investments or expenditures.
  • SHELTER YOUR BUSINESS FROM RATE INCREASES: Solar can help secure and stabilize your business from future energy hikes by your utility company and increase your energy independence.
  • HELP YOUR BUSINESS GO GREEN: Smart business owners make smart business decisions, and going solar is a great way to show your company cares about the environment, all while saving your business money.
  • INCREASE PROPERTY VALUE: Installing solar power has been shown to increase capitalization rates of buildings and increase the value of the property.
  • EASY FINANCING OPTIONS: With the help of our pre-qualified financing partners, Opulent Power will work to bring you the best and most efficient lending options to suit your needs, providing Solar Power at little to no out of pocket cost for the Customer!
  • CASH FLOW POSITIVE PROJECTS: Many businesses can be cash flow positive after the first year of solar with the help of Opulent Power’s expert energy analysis and project planning tools.
  • GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES: Governments at federal, state, and local levels provide incentives, rebates, and tax credits to help your business get a Solar Power system installed by Opulent Power Solutions.

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