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Free Energy Audit In Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA and Surrounding Areas

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Even though most people have access to energy audits, few opt for them. Most people are unaware of whether they exist or how beneficial they can be. Contact us today for Free Energy Audit In Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Your carbon footprint can be reduced through an energy audit by identifying areas of your home or commercial building that may be wasting energy. Reducing your energy consumption can help you save money on your energy bill, as you know. Throughout this guide, we will discuss what an energy audit is, why it can reduce energy costs, and how it can evaluate your building’s impact on the environment. Look for a professional company that provides free energy audits.

Energy audits: What Are They?

A building’s energy efficiency can be determined by conducting an energy audit. To put it simply, energy efficiency is the ability to perform the same tasks with less energy. An energy audit will provide a comprehensive assessment of your electricity consumption and energy efficiency.

You can obtain important information about your energy usage and Energy Star rating from the audit report. Using this information, you can identify and correct any energy-usage issues to reduce electricity costs. Before implementing a renewable energy system, it’s always advisable to conduct an energy audit.

Who Conducts an Energy Audit?

Usually, a registered energy advisor or auditor conducts an energy audit of a home or business. Moreover, energy auditors are responsible for completing energy efficiency assessments of commercial and non-commercial buildings.

Numerous benefits can be derived from an energy audit:

  • You can reduce energy costs in your facility with it.
  • Reduced production costs will improve your company’s competitiveness.
  • Your reliance on foreign energy sources will diminish.
  • The environment will benefit from reduced pollution.
  • It can increase energy security.
  • Natural resources will be less conserved as a result.
  • This will reduce the environmental damage caused by resource exploitation.
  • There will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The stages of an energy audit

  • Preparation: Gather information before the auditor visits: year of construction, energy bills, type of heating, heating service certification, building plans, etc.
  • The audit: First, the information you have collected about your home is analyzed. Then, when conducting a full audit, the auditor looks at:
  1. Insulation of the exterior walls.
  2. The proper operation of the heating system, the hot water system, and the ventilation system.
  3. Use your various equipment (thermostats, thermostatic valves, etc.) correctly.
  • The report: A specialized software program encodes all the data collected during the audit. An application like this is used to assign a label from A to E to all the elements analyzed. The auditor then makes recommendations and draws up a projected image of your home if you followed these recommendations. At the end of the process, the auditor drafts a final report and adds any observations he may have.


On top of their basic training and their experience on the ground, the Opulent Power Solutions team completes a theory and practical training course. A free energy audit is one of our best services to ensure your comfort and happiness. Get in touch today!

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