Rooftop Solar In Anaheim, CA

Rooftop Solar In Anaheim, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Rooftop Solar Installation Service by Opulent Power Solutions

Scientists and technicians are developing and researching new ways to create sustainable energy to satisfy our comforts and needs. These days, solar energy is one of the best ways to help the environment while meeting our needs.  Contact us today for rooftop solar service in Anaheim, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Factors to consider before installing rooftop solar systems

Before saving the planet from harmful emissions and pollution by switching to clean energy resources, it is necessary to consider your building’s roof nature to determine its feasibility. 

Here are some factors that a rooftop solar installation expert keeps in mind:

  • Sunlight availability throughout the year and the rooftop area help calculate the amount of power generation. A solar panel generates 290 watts of energy by capturing sunlight for one hour and will generate around 2.3kW of energy in eight hours.
  • The roof’s slope and orientation toward the sun help calculate how much sunlight energy the panels can capture. The best situation is when the house’s roof is on a natural slope, and the house’s roof is facing the south direction, but Opulent Power Solutions can design an efficient Solar Power plant for almost any building situation.
  • The roof strength is another essential aspect because if the roof structure and integrity are weak, it cannot bear the solar system’s weight. Opulent Power Solutions will build the best solar system with the best structural integrity for your building.

Rebates and incentives on the rooftop solar system

The Department of Energy offers around 30% of savings in installation through rebates and tax credits to help offset the cost of your Solar Power System.

You should ask us about the applicability of various state and municipal rebates and credits as often times your local state and city might have some additional offers to help you lower the cost of your Solar Power system.

Are solar panels worth your money?

According to rooftop solar installation analysis, installing solar panels is worth investing in to help save the environment and eliminate or lower your electricity bills. Rooftop solar installation works perfectly in our region, where the sun shines brightly almost every day and generates massive energy that will supply your building’s electrical requirements.

The best Solar Power system is one that is fully customized to suit the Customer’s needs. That is why you need to consult the best rooftop solar installation experts in Anaheim, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas; call Opulent Power Solutions today so we can start your Solar Power system immediately and deliver green power savings to your company.

Opulent Power Solutions experts will guide you on using green energy resources!

Opulent Power Solutions experts will conduct an inspection to find the perfect equipment for your household and recommend the best system in the market. We give the best and most affordable services in the locality to help people switch on to sustainable energy resources efficiently.

Call Opulent Power Solutions today to develop a better tomorrow for the coming generations.

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