How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

As long as your solar panels last for a long period of time, you can keep saving money. And it is why saving the equipment from severe damage is essential. A solar panel does not stop producing electricity; however, it continues to undergo degradation until the output becomes negligible. Do not take the health of your solar panel system lightly; ensure precise solar panel installation in Anaheim, Ca, with Opulent Power solutions today.

The Lifespan Of A Solar Panel

Most residential solar panel units can perform at maximum efficiency for at least 25 years before degradation, while solar inverters can last for 10 to 15 years at peak. If you are choosing a Tier one panel, rest assured for the next 25 years you will be worry free.

Factors That Determine The Life of Solar Panels

Climatic factors are beyond your control when it comes to solar panel damage. But you can still ensure the longevity of your solar panels by paying attention to the following.

  • Quality of The Panels

Since you expect high-quality energy output, you must invest a bit extra into buying the Tier one panels. These devices have the least degradation rate of 0.30 percent per year, and they can still offer you an energy output of 89 percent after 25 years.

Similarly, with the best quality comes the best warranty options. Tier one panel manufacturers will provide you greater production warranty for a long time while the initial investment will be recovered in no time.

  • Installation

Proper and precise installation ensures the peak system efficiency of your solar panels. Hiring an experienced installer will prevent faulty installation and wiring that could become huge problems.

Finding a certified contractor who offers installation with regular maintenance checks that sustain your system efficiency and prevent untimely degradation is better.

  • Service and Maintenance

Solar panels are environment-friendly and non-moving devices, which reduces the possibility of wear and tear, making them quite low maintenance. Remove the debris on the panel surface blocking the sun, wipe out the dirt layers and be sure that no stick is tucked inside the circuits, even by mistake.

Try to refrain from causing scratches on its surface that lead to untimely breakage. So, if you want your solar panels to last longer, perform some basic upkeep, and your system will thank you.

When to Replace The Solar Panels- Reduced Energy Output

Although solar panels have decades of lifespan, you should understand enough to track down if your panels are going to break down so that you can replace them. It is the first sign that tells you about the incapability of your solar panels to produce sufficient energy and cover your electricity bills. Over time, your solar panels start to degrade, and the energy output lessens. Use a tracker device or an app to determine the rate of reduction in your solar panels and the electricity generation. However, the reduction in energy output does not tell you to replace the solar panel directly. However, you might take it as a cue and prepare for the future.


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