What Is The Process Of Solar Installation?

Solar installation is emerging as the trend of the future. The sustainable system brings numerous benefits, including saving bills and protecting the environment. However, you need to call professionals for the proper solar panel installation in Anaheim, CA. They will assist you throughout the process, ensuring peak performance for the long term.

A Simple Guide To The Solar Installation Process

Now, you have decided to go with solar, but you are not sure how to get there. Although you are not directly participating in the installation, better knowledge about the process will help you make better decisions and aid in maintenance. Here’s your step-by-step guide for the solar panel installation process in Anaheim, CA.

  • Subject On-Site Survey: There are different types of solar system options available in the market, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The panel’s budget, timeline and specifics will impact your construction process.
    Starting your installation process with a detailed site survey is important. You should also consider the energy audit to ensure necessary conditions, such as tax credits.
  • Choose An Expert For Solar Installation: Choosing a trusted and reliable solar installer is another vital step in your solar energy journey. The professional should be selected not only based on the price for the process but also on the quality and timeline.
    Ensure to check out their experience, certification and reviews from previous customers. You can get quotes from the shortlisted installers to increase the chance of achieving the highest quality solar installation at an affordable price.
  • Prioritize The Proposal: Now that you are done with the site survey and measuring the average electricity usage, you will receive a proposal from the solar expert outlining the work, cost, anticipated electricity outpour and more.
    Evaluate and choose a plan that suits your economic and technical needs to get a better return on investment.
  • Highlight The Documentation And Permits: Like another important financial aspect, solar installation involves various documentation and permit steps. For instance, on-grid networks need permits for either net or gross metering.
    Experts take care of all your documentation process to make it hassle-free and simple for the customers.
  • Initiate The Installation: The residential solar installation experts in Anaheim, CA, will start by ordering the components like solar panels from expert manufacturers in the industry to build the rooftop. Then they will install the electric wiring, test the roof’s structural integrity, and connect it to your electric panel and major power system.
    Once the solar panel installation is done, you need to get approval from the local inspector and ensure that the solar system has been installed properly and meets the requirements. 
  • Make Sure Of Maintenance: Maintaining your solar panels, including cleaning and periodic inspection, is extremely important to ensure that the system is in perfect shape and has good functionality. Experts can offer effective solar system solutions, guiding you from every step, from after-sales to warranty issues.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in the options for solar installation, it’s time to schedule a solar consultation to begin the design process. At Opulent Power Solutions, the best residential solar installation in Anaheim, CA, we have a team of experienced specialists to provide efficient, safe, long term and cost-effective solar energy solutions to our customers. Contact us at (888) 970-5952