Solar Financing Solutions In Anaheim, CA

Solar Financing Solutions In Anaheim, CA and Surrounding Areas

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It is more affordable than ever to install solar power, but there is still a significant upfront cost for the average homeowner. Solar financing solutions such as loans, leases, and power purchase agreements are available, so homeowners in the United States can easily switch to solar and start saving on their energy bills. Contact us today for solar financing solutions in Anaheim, Los Angeles, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

Benefits of going solar

Homeowners go solar for several reasons, but cost savings and environmental protection are the two most common factors. The following list of benefits of solar power will help you decide whether to go solar for economic or environmental reasons.

  • Reduce your electricity bills: You can save a great deal of money on your electricity bills if you install solar panels. The more solar power your panel generates, the less electricity you will need to purchase from the utility company, thereby lowering your electric bill.
  • Increasing your home’s value: Low electricity costs are a result of owning a house with solar panels. The value of any property in the market will increase with solar panels, just as it will with low property taxes, those in school districts, and those with good energy ratings. According to surveys, solar panels increase the selling price of a house by 16%.
  • It’s smart to invest in solar energy: A clear upward trend can be seen in solar energy. Electricity prices from the utilities fluctuate wildly and are notoriously unreliable. One can calculate how much electricity will be generated by solar panels using simple math and, most importantly, the cost of solar power generation. The cost of energy for the next 20 years can be calculated with ease.
  • Government support is immense: The government greatly supports solar initiatives. Tax credits are available for commercial solar installations, making them more affordable. State tax credits and programs for solar energy are some of the best in town. Solar is also booming in India at a fast pace.
  • Space-saving: All types of roofs can accommodate solar panels. As one of the most efficient forms of energy, this installation does not take up valuable land space on your property. In addition, it protects your roof from the elements.
  • Shrink your carbon footprint: Solar panels produce relatively little pollution and run silently and can help combat climate change while also benefiting the economy and the environment. Going solar lets you have it both ways.


Opulent Power Solutions is a leader in the clean energy space, providing a range of panel and solar financing solutions in Anaheim. Whether your property can support solar panels, we can still connect you to clean power through one of our community solar programs. There is no reason not to join the renewable energy revolution today and enjoy all of the above benefits.

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