What Are 4 Main Problems Associated With Installing Solar In Your Home?

With the increasing demand for energy and electricity, several homeowners are turning to solar panels for their homes. Solar panels may sound like a big expense, but their long-term benefits compensate for this investment.

Solar panels do not have a simple installation process, due to which problems after installation are common issues with homeowners. The first thing that homeowners should do is call a reliable and reputable company for the installation process to ensure they do not have to face problems related to installation. Contact our technician for residential solar service in Los Angeles for more information on solar panels.

Four Common Issues You Should Know

There can be numerous problems related to the installation process of solar panels. This article will cover this subject in more detail.

Flaws in the Installation

Whether it be an HVAC appliance or a solar panel, if it has a faulty installation, the appliance will not be able to work efficiently. If the angle at which the solar panels are installed is wrong or the panels are not continuous, the solar panels will not generate enough energy for your home.

Contact our solar installation company in Los Angeles to avoid a faulty installation process.

Birds And Animals

Birds, animals, and insects can damage your home’s solar panels. Animals like squirrels can hide under solar panels during harsh weather conditions and destroy the wires or sensitive parts of the panels.

Ensure you frequently check your solar panels for hidden animals, insects, birds, bees, or leaves that can damage the solar panels. If you notice any unwanted beings near the solar panels, use proper measures to remove them from there.

Wiring Problems

A solar panel is a collection of wires that work together to generate enough energy for your home. However, as mentioned above, animals and rats can damage the wires of these solar panels and destroy them inevitably. In such cases, you will have to face unexpected expenses from solar panels.

You should contact our technician for residential solar service in Los Angeles if animals and rats have damaged the wires of your solar panels, as you do not have the required experience to tackle wire problems. If your solar panels have lost their efficiency, you should check them for wiring faults.


Proper solar panel installation is necessary to ensure moisture does not enter the panels. If moisture enters the network of solar panels, it can cause rusting issues and corrode the panels. Corrosion is an irreversible problem, and you will have no option but to replace them.

If you do not want to face this problem, ensure that the technician installs all the panels properly with no space for moisture to enter.

Bottom Line

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